Eagle Roofing is a leading roofing, siding and gutter company in. We are providing the best customer service in the industry along with an exceptional product. Eagle is dedicated to the community that we work in. That's why a percentage of every job we do goes to a fund that goes to helping our country's veterans
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Do I need a maintenance package?

The short answer is yes. But allow us to explain. No matter where you live your roof is the first layer of defense to protect your family and your belongings. With that being said the first line of defense goes through a beating over the years and will occasionally need some attention to protect the things it's meant to. Although your shingles are usually given a lifespan between 20-30 years, there are other aspects of your roof that arent to meant to last near that long. And the things that aren't meant to last that long are what we are focused on. If these things go left uninspected you are rolling the dice on very expensive interior repairs from water damage. Below we will go through what our maintenance package covers.
  • $.09/sq/ft
  • Premier Plan

    • 2 inspections per year
    • 1-year repair guarantee
    • Emergency service call free of charge
    • Priority┬áresponse within 24 hrs
    • Debris removal
    • Flashing inspection
    • Ventilation inspection
    • Re-Caulking of any nails, plumbing boots, and flashing
    • Clean gutters and drain systems of debris
    • Free tarping (if needed)
    • 25% off any repair
    • 5% off new roof
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