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History of GSP airport

Greenville Spartanburg is in South Carolina. It has the international airport which lies in the Greenville Spartanburg. It is called as the Greenville Spartanburg International Airport, which is quite near to the Greer, SC.

Before the construction of the city Greenville, even Spartanburg had a different airport. But after Greenville was constructed, the airport became a common one for both the cities. Hence it was named as the Greenville- Spartanburg international airport. Prior the construction of Greenville, both the cities had different airports owing to some government policies. It was during the early 1950s that a politician cum strong businessman and a strong and international industrialist, worked hard to get a same and shared airport for both the cities. This was done so that people do not face any difficulties while commuting.

Thus a strong and final proposal was kept in front of the government keeping in mind all the possibilities to share a common airport between the two cities. The legislative assembly which later on approved and the work for shared airport began in 1958. After the approval of the legislation, the creation and the construction was headed by Milliken.

A primary airline was opened after the construction was completed. This primary line replaced the Greenville Downtown Airport with the Greenville – Spartanburg International Airport. During the time while the construction was in full-swing, the runway was lengthened. It was lengthened twice during the 1990s.


After getting merged and two cities getting the same airport, it was considered that there might be heavy rush owing to becoming a common platform for all the to and fro flights for Greenville as well Spartanburg, this airport by far managed to gauge some attention. Because I think Milliken, strongly felt the need for change and he actually did. Here is a list of facilities that this airport has been providing since last decade.

  1. The airport covers 3,500 acres of land.
  2. The airport has two concourses in a single terminal building: Gates A1-A9 comes under Concourse A, whereas Gates B1-B4 comes under Concourse B.
  3. The check-in point is same for all the passengers because it is a common and shared airport.
  4. Future expansion of this airport is on top priorities in the coming years.
  5. The airport can handle up to 250 passengers per hour through immigration and checkpoints.
  6. SP is serviced by five passenger airlines and their regional affiliates.
  7. All the services offered at GPS are domestic services. This means that it only has a domestic level of flights. Though there are suggestions to add international flights as well.
  8. GSP airport was struck by Hail in early 2017. The hail damage put many planes on a ground stop and they are still in recovery from that event.


An unprecedented growth rate of about 40% was observed after this internationally shared airport was opened. Later in 2011, the GSP received the award by the Airline and Airport News Analysis for the fastest growing international airport in the coming years. And thus it became the smallest international airport of the U.S.A. most of us were not aware of this fact.

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