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The past decade has been very revolutionary for Greenville South Carolina, as per the United States Census Bureau the city has grown at a fast pace and there has been an inflow of jobs.

Greenville, as per the latest population figures calculated by the US bureau’s, comes at the fourth number in terms of a fastest growing city in the nation. Not only this in Greenville you will bump in people who have returned back to their homeland. Greenville will intoxicate you even if you went out from there you are bound to return or even if you have gone there to visit you will consider it for relocation. The city’s share of the population is thus just a fraction of the nearly 5 lac estimated to live in, this indicates the re-urbanization is high.

This is the present scenario it was not the same, the city was facing the problem of declining population. Slowly and steadily with great efforts, they have reversed this scene of declining population.

The above was possible only due to a well planned structural growth that was achieved with the investment in infrastructure. The new city park, situated at the west of downtown, along with the city witnessing a tremendous increase in the tax revenues that further helped in the development of the city and also to accommodate the growing population.

Another move to support the growth of the city or making it the “oh yeah that Greenville” was the city’s revitalization downtown. They have paid dividends to attract people and development. The renovation of homes in the Augusta Road and North Main neighborhoods has attracted people with the interest of relocations. New homes are designed for the growth and development of the Verdae properties or to create luxury apartments in the West End.

Last year the city issued quite many permits for single-family home construction, and then it was decided that this will be done on a steady basis each year. Even the city continues to grant permits for renovations on a steady basis and increase the permits every year. With the continuous projects that came one after the another led to the massive growth of the city.

With the increase in population growth of jobs were also paid attention, this helped the people to stay back. As per the records if you analyze the job growth in Upstate you will agree to the efforts that have been put in the re-urbanization has paid off. The atmosphere, beauty of nature, good jobs, positive art, and positive vibes all has led to the growth of the city, making it 4th fastest growing city and also the hottest destination.

Another focus was favor of single-use, low-density development patterns and intense moving away from the existing city center, thus the requirement of infrastructure is huge along with capturing huge amount of land.

The Southern charm of Greenville will make you say congratulations for the rapid development but organic development and the rewards that the city has received on the national and international level is truly deserving.

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