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Is Fall for Greenville Fun?

Fall is my favorite season, the hot bowl of soup or hot chocolate makes it the perfect setting to enjoy the beauty of withering leaves and waiting for the new leaves to come. Greenville has four distinct seasons. All the seasons have its own distinct beauty and fall is no less. Pay a visit here this season to enjoy the world of tempting tastes, sights, and sounds as mouthwatering aromas fill the air.

Fall in Greenville SC is not only about the beauty that nature has bestowed on it but also love and generosity of its resident. Greenville is a place full of friendly people who have big hearts. Thus the fall season experiences the best three-day event where 1800 dedicated community volunteers irrespective of any profit beneficiaries. Fully packed and full of fun and thrill these 3 days offer the best of food, music, events, activities, and whatnot for all the age groups.


Greenville conducts the longest running street festival, which always remain a huge success because of its dedicated volunteers. These volunteers stand and serve throughout the event, to help the residents and the visitors, from all age groups, to have immense fun and memorable experience. To volunteer at these events a form Volunteer Service Agreement Release Form is required to be filled and the minors between the age ten and seventeen need a consent form. We would like to thank Eagle Roofing for always being a sponsor we can count on. 


The musical line up for fall of Greenville festival is just rocking with best of the bands performing. The concerts are free for admission. Music performances are at its best during this fall festival. It seems that the whole of Greenville has just begun to sing for entertaining you. There will be seven stages featuring over 7 popular national and local performers.


There are about 50 restaurants, cafes, trucks and other food and beverages serving establishments participating in fall for Greenville SC. This simply implies that there will best of the food, aromatic smell all over the place. Foodstuff that you have never heard of or tasted will be on your plate. You think of the food and will be there to be served to you. Best of ice creams, tacos, rolls, desserts, pizza, hummus and pita, Chinese and Thai food all will be there. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian or even if you desire for healthy food options will there just to lure you and satisfy your taste buds. As for me, I had my roadmap to help me conquer and try food from almost all the food stalls, that is 15 items each day.


As always the entertainment along with the entry, all year long, in the festival, is free of cost for the public. Taste tickets can easily be redeemed for beverages, food, kids activities and many more. However, even if it rains during the festival the taste tickets are non-refundable.

For me, Greenville SC is the personification of Southern charm, that is bustling with city charm, friendly, quaint atmosphere with unparalleled food scene, musical community that makes it the best fall escape for anyone.

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