Eagle Roofing is a leading roofing, siding and gutter company in. We are providing the best customer service in the industry along with an exceptional product. Eagle is dedicated to the community that we work in. That's why a percentage of every job we do goes to a fund that goes to helping our country's veterans
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5 year warranty

We believe in doing work that will last

Working with Eagle you do not need to worry about a here today gone tomorrow contractor. We are here to stay and give a 5 year warranty with all of our work. Some exceptions may apply, but we are always up front about those exceptions.

Setting the standard of quality for next generations

Roofing has and will be affected by technology and we are setting the standard on how to implement that technology

We are constantly looking and new innovations in out industry and implementing them into our work. These new Innovations allow us to do two things, either allows us to work more efficiently which helps us lower our prices, or it would give homeowners other options that are more effective.

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Why Choose Eagle as your Roofing Contractor?

  • Eagle Roofing is a local company & has strong ties to Greenville as well as the upstate of South Carolina, so you can trust that we aren't going anywhere
  • We install many types of roofs such as metal and asphalt. So if it keeps the water out, we install it!
  • Our prices are affordable, we take pride in the community that we live in thus we don't like charging our neighbor's outrageous prices.
  • Many roofers will say they are the best, which would mean they have inspected every roofer's work which doesn't seem likely. So we just like to stick with quality and perfection from the customer service all the way to the roof we install.
  • We believe that there are many quality roofers in the upstate, but we take pride in more than just the roof. We want your entire experience to be nothing but pleasurable.

Eagle Roofing’s team are all local to the upstate. We have the experience as well as the expertise to assess your roof and make the right repairs and or install a new roof. We take pride in every job no matter the size. We believe that doing quality work at reasonable prices are the best way to build and maintain our strong reputation in the upstate. We like to make sure that our customers become a part of who we are. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

We work hard to be local roofing contractor you can trust for any job!

We get it, there are a lot of options when it comes to the roofing company you choose. Sometimes its hard to show our values through simple text on a website. That's why we ask you to just give us the opportunity to meet you, inspect your roof, and offer any guidance we can. We don't believe in "normal" sales tactics. We believe in relationships and we want to build one with you. So give us a call today and let us prove to you who we are and what we do!

The truth behind Roof Repair

The truth is that many local roofers only are interested in selling you a new roof. Not us, we aren't interested in selling you anything. We are only interested in offering solutions to problems. If there aren't problems then maybe we can just grab a cup of coffee with you! If there are problems such as leaks, then we will give you the best solution to that problem and nothing more. Your roof protects your investment, and we want to make sure that it continues to protect.

So if you are in Greenville SC and feel that you need an honest assessment of your roof then please give us a call 864-908-3610

Insurance Claim Roofing

When it comes to hail & wind damage Eagle Roofing does it best in Greenville SC. We have a very specific process that we go through to ensure that you are getting compensated for the damage your house has received. To find out more information about how we would handle your storm damage claim click here -> Storm Damage

What our customers have to say about Eagle Roofing

Recently had roof /gutter replacement from hail damage ... great experience!! ... excellent job!!! ... reasonable price!!

- Randall Smith

Very professional roofers. I had storm damage and they came and out and handled the entire thing for me. Highly recommend these guys!

- Ana Miller

My roof was very old and was in desperate need, Eagle got it done in just one day and I have had no problems since then

- Cathy Grant

My roof was leaking and I couldn't get anyone out to look at it, called Eagle Roofing and they came out and fixed it within a day when I couldn't get anyone else to fix it.

- Brian Park
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Our Roofing Process

Remove Old Roof

We remove the old roof all the way to the decking. The reason you want everything removed to the decking is that it allows a clear inspection of the foundation of your roof. Without this step being done you could never be sure that the roof is going to rest on a solid foundation.

Install Underlayment

After we have removed the old roof to the decking we will then begin the process of installing the new roof. We will start installing felt and there are many types of felt, you can look at those differences by clicking here. We will also be installing ice & water (weather watch) in all the valleys. The ice & water is extremely important in keeping the water from getting in your house. It is a self-adhering material that is commonly put in valleys, around skylights, and around chimneys.

Plumbing boots - Box vents - Flashing

During this process, we will also be changing out all plumbing boots and box vents that you may have as well as inspecting/replacing any flashing that you may have. Our goal in the underlayment process is to ensure that everything is set up for success.

Install New Shingles

After the underlayment process is done we then begin to install new shingles. In most cases, we will be installing asphalt shingles (if you are wanting a metal roof click here for more information). There are 2 different types of shingles 3-tab and architectural the main differences between those 2 can be found to the right on desktop or below if on mobile
When we are installing the shingles we are putting 5-6 nails in each shingle


Most newer homes come installed with ridge vent. And in most cases that is the style of ventilation we will be installing. Ridge vent is usually installed at the peaks of your home and just fold over to ensure that no water gets in. Then shingles are nailed into that to give the home a very nice look. There are other styles of ventilation such as box vents and power vents but this style is the majority. If you have any questions about this be sure to go over that with one of our roofing specialists.

Clean Up and Inspection

Our clean up and post inspection is also a very important part of our process. We will have a specialist come out and go over your roof with a fine tooth comb. We are ensuring that nothing has been missed. We also are going to go all around your home with high-powered magnets to get any nails that have fallen. Keep in mind we do our best to get all of the nails but you still want to be careful with any pets or children. There are on average about 15,000 nails that will come off of your roof. Although we strive for perfection in many cases it’s just impossible to find every single one of them.

Architectural shingles

  • 130 MPH wind rating
  • 25-30 year life span
  • Moderate hail resistance
  • 3-dimensional look on the house

3-Tab Shingle

  • 50-60 MPH Wind Resistance
  • 20-25 year life span
  • No hail resistance
  • More of a Flat look on the home
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